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Interior occupied dwellings that require an inspection of the structure, plumbing and/or electrical can request an "Alternate Video Inspection (AVI) Program", which grants the ability to permitted applicants to live stream video inspection.
Please see the attached AVI Applicant Checklist for requirements and the AVI Declaration must be signed and submitted through Permits Online prior to scheduling an inspection.

Detached accessory structures, solar photovoltaic, air conditioners, and pools or hot tubs that require an interior inspection of the electrical panel inside an occupied home, require an on-site inspection with the permit applicant or homeowner in attendance. Our inspector will conduct the inspection from the exterior only. The permit applicant/homeowner must enter the dwelling and use Google Duo to connect with the on-site inspector.
Please see the attached Occupied Residential Inspections Applicant Checklist for instructions on what to do on the day of your inspection.

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Due to COVID-19, all evening and Saturday time slots are suspended until further notice. For information on interior residential inspections please visit:

24 hours' notice is required when cancelling a scheduled inspection
or a $162.00 fee may be assessed.
Please email ppd‑housing@winnipeg.ca or call 204‑986‑5300 for cancellations.
Office hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, excluding statutory holidays.