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This search provides a list of permits issued after January 1, 2000. For information on permits issued prior to January 1, 2000, contact Central Files at PPD‑ or 204‑986‑7395.

Please note that search results do not include permits that were cancelled or are currently in the application process. In addition, search results do not include permits for the demolition of an entire primary structure (e.g. single family dwelling) as these will be associated with the previous property record. Personal information associated with permits will not be displayed.


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Questions about permit searches? Read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Don't see your permit? For this and other general inquiries on the permit application process or for zoning information, contact the Zoning & Permits office at ppd‑ or 204‑986‑5140.

To access copies of Planning, Property and Development records, such as building, demolition and trade permits, or building plans, contact Central Files at PPD‑ or 204‑986‑7395.

If you have questions about Occupancy Permits, email or call 204‑986‑5136.

For a file-based search of existing records to determine if any orders, violations, active permits, etc. are present on an existing structure, email

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