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Search for Issued Construction-Related Permits

Frequently Asked Questions - Construction-Related Permit Search

1. Q: What is the purpose of this website?
A: This website aims to provide easy access for the general public to search for a variety of construction-related permits. This search provides a list of building and trade permits (electrical, mechanical, plumbing) issued after January 1, 2000, and development permits issued after November 14, 2022.

2. Q: Where can I access permits that pre-date the search results?
A: Contact the Planning, Property & Development Department Central Files office at 204-986-7395 or email

3. Q: What types of permits are included in a search?
A: Search results include the following types of permits:

Building and Trade Permits
AS Accessory Structures PE Personal Services
CS Commercial Storage PI General Public / Institutional
EC Electrical Commercial PR Plumbing Residential
EH Health Services / Education PU Public Utility
ER Electrical Residential RE Recreation / Entertainment
HO Housing RP Retail
MC Mechanical Commercial SA Safety / Protection
MU Multi-Residential TA Temporary Approval
OP Office TB Temporary Building Renewals
PC Plumbing Commercial

Development Permits
DP Development Permit
RO Residential Home-based Business Development Permit
MS Mobile Sign Development Permit

Note: This search does not include occupancy or sign permits.
4. Q: What does the "status" of each building or trade permit mean?
  1. Issued: The permit has been issued. All applicable plan review processes have been completed. Construction may have begun and inspections may have been performed. There may or may not be identified defects.
  2. Closed: The permit is closed. Construction and required inspections have been completed and any outstanding defects have been addressed. Audit program permits are included in this category. Permits in an audit program may not have had all standard inspections performed as a result of a more formal audit inspection process which allows for fewer inspections for builders/contractors who have a history of compliant construction.
  3. Expired: The permit has expired. A permit becomes expired when no work has proceeded within a specific timeframe
  4. Closed with an incomplete inspection: This is a subcategory of closed permits and includes those that were closed through a 'bulk' closing process and/or with no final inspections. The typical permit process requires applicants/building owners to initiate requests for inspections at various points during the construction process. When this has not occurred, and/or City resources were not sufficient to initiate further engagement, the City grouped certain permits and chose to close these permits despite their incomplete inspection processes. Current and potential property owners should be aware that construction under this closure status does not represent the standard inspection protocol.
  5. Closed No Final Inspection Required: This permit is closed. A final inspection was not required and this permit was not selected for audit. No further action is required.
5. Q: What does the "status" of each development permit mean?
  1. Issued: The permit has been issued. All applicable plan review processes have been completed.
  2. Expired: The permit has expired.
6. Q: A permit was 'closed with an incomplete inspection'. Does that mean the house isn't safe?
A: Not necessarily. However, the work was not audited by the City through the inspections process.
7. Q: Does the City recommend buying a home or building if a permit was closed with an incomplete inspection?
A: The City cannot make recommendations about whether you should purchase a home or building but we do recommend that the current building owner arrange to have inspections performed for the 'closed with an incomplete inspection' permit before selling. This would ensure the permit can be closed before any real estate transaction takes place.
8. Q: How do I arrange to get an inspection for the work done on a permit that was closed with an incomplete inspection?
A: Note the permit number on the results list and phone 204-986-5300 for housing related permits or 204-986-5190 for commercial permits.
9. Q: How much does an inspection cost for a permit that is closed with an incomplete inspection?
A: Whether you are requesting the inspection as the original permit applicant or not, if only one inspection is required, no further cost would be incurred because this would be included in the original cost of the permit. However, if additional inspections are required due to defects, etc., additional fees may be charged. Refer to the Planning, Development and Building Fees and Charges schedule for details.